Dealing in Data

Accessible insights and best practice – whether you’re establishing or elevating your data use.

What will you learn?

Our speakers will provide real-world examples of ways in which data – any amount of data – can be put to work for your organization. They will discuss the importance of data visibility, and offer practical advice on understanding and improving your organization’s data maturity.

From industry trends and sector challenges, to the specifics of a successful data audit, these are actionable insights from experienced data professionals.

We all make data-driven decisions every day – but aggregating and harnessing data on an organization-wide scale can still feel daunting. It doesn’t have to.

This webinar is designed to make the process feel more manageable and less intimidating – at whatever point you’re starting from. We’ll guide you through the ‘quick wins’ to go after, and the ‘data fails’ to avoid.

Get your datasets into shape and start building your organization's resilience. Watch the webinar for efficient and practical ways to implement accessible data science for you and your team.

The Speakers

Joe Roebuck
Global Solutions Director, Arcadis Gen
Joe manages key accounts and ensures our products are always useful and customer-centric.
Luke Percival
Senior Solutions Consultant, Arcadis Gen
Luke designs data-heavy portfolio planning solutions to support our clients’ decisions.

Key chapters

Make your data meaningful: solving silos and creating visibility
We introduce the challenges facing asset-intensive organizations looking to perform better; improve safety and customer perception; and build a resilient organization that’s prepared for future events. So: why is data science so critical, and how can you digitalize without disruption?
What best practice looks like: creating a high-quality dataset
We share the key principles for a consistent and reliable dataset – from starting out with what you’ve already got, to gathering higher-quality data going forward. How can you put the right data in to get the best insights out?
Bringing datasets together: consolidating and managing multiple datasets
We explain how an organization should start to audit its data sources, formatting and standardizing them so they’re clear and cohesive. How can you gain and maintain a clear picture of asset health, risk, and criticality across your portfolio?
Suggested next steps: from data audit to data-specific apps
We summarize the skillsets you may not have considered, and the processes to put them in place. Data drives every decision we make, but it’s about finding those smarter ways to harness its potential. How can you get a winning team together, and what ‘quick wins’ should you seek?

Watch the webinar